I am Alan. I currently live in Chicago with my wife. I am not really 'from' Chicago, but through various circumstances, it is where I've been for the past eight years and life in the city has been enjoyable. My intention in setting up a 'blog' is to post photographs on hopefully a daily basis, along with some comments.

Photographs - the best form of art for those who can't paint, sculpt or draw - brings me in, makes me think, sometimes makes me happy, usually at least makes me feel something. Most of the photograhps will be taken by myself, and I'll note when they're from other sources.


Travel, architecture, photography, hiking, Antarctica, dogs, mechanical watches, reading, history of science, 1950's cinema, biking, magnetic resonance, bongos, smoked salmon, abstract painting, mid-century modern design, airports, molecular biology, radiology, magazines, clothing, Dr. Pepper, oil painting